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  • 'Arrow-keys' or 'WASD' to run and jump.
  • 'Space' to connect/disconnect brothers. (IMPORTANT! ALSO USED TO WAKE UP SLEEPING BROTHER)
  • 'X' to swap positions of connected brothers.
  • 'Z' to pull the lowest brother up. (Hint: Use this while jumping when connected)
  • 'Shift' to dash (only when disconnected).
  • 'S' to go to sleep in the last scene. You must be connected. (IMPORTANT!! GO TO SLEEP AT THE LAST SCENE NEXT TO THE OTHER HOUSES)
  • 'R' to restart current level.
  • One brother can jump, the other can dash.
  • A house can't leave a level if his brother is not there.

Welcome to our jam game for the Nordic Game Jam 2017.

'Two Brothers' is a game is about brotherhood, exploration and puzzles.

This game showcases some basic mechanics that can be used in a lot different puzzles.

We may add more levels at a later point to further illustrate the mechanics.


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They have a deep connection!